ALM Records ‎– AL-3010

Recorded from the performance of “New Sense of Hearing”
at Nagoya American Center on October 5th, 1979.


Side A: Poetry of Sound
Using three portable record players, voice and sound instruments, two or three records of each kind recorded at Holland Festival are played at alternating times in relation to the other elements.

Side B: ANALAPOS (1979)
Improvisation with the original sound instruments, Analapos, which are drums incorporating long coil springs on both ends. On this side, the transitional part of the performance is recorded where Analapos for voice is switched to Analapos on stands, Various tones are played by using hands and sticks.

CD “Analapos” released on February 21, 2020
Originally published in an edition of just 200 copies in 1980, “ANALAPOS 時間の穴” is remastered and published as the 40th anniversary edition CD with a booklet.
Digital Album is also available.